How To Catch Crawfish

Cach Crawfish is one of the more unique Cajun dishes you can have on your table. Many people are wondering how to cook crawfish? This is an authentic Cajun recipe that involves cooking the whole crawfish in its shell so it retains all the natural juices inside and is also beneficial for the crawfish farmer to maintain his or her crop of crawfish. The crawfish is an extremely fatty food that the crawfish farmers will normally harvest once a week and leave in the sun for several days before selling it.

The crawfish can be boiled for hours with salt, but this makes the crawfish exude a bitter taste. To better prepare the crawfish, take several bay leaves, a handful of parsley, lemon juice, white vinegar, salt and two cups of water. The water should be slightly warm but not boiling. Cover the crawfish with this solution, and let it boil. When the crawfish are tender and still covered with a thin layer of fat, you are ready to serve them. You may serve them with coleslaw and/or blue cheese dressing.

How to cook crawfish is an age-old culinary quest. There are several secrets of Cajun recipes, but one of the secrets is the preparation of this delicacy, and some methods that require hours of work and possibly some patience on your part. You can check out my website to learn more about this famous Cajun dish. Cheers!