Where to find crawfish

The question most people who are new to crawfish fever, would like to know is where to find crawfish. There are lots of places to eat crawfish and one of the best ways is at a crawfish boil. A boil is a preparation of crawfish that has been boiled, seasoned, and then cooked. In Louisiana, crawfish boil can be found in many restaurants, but the ones I’ve seen are better than most places in the US.

To find a boil, you must do a little research online. Look up reviews for the restaurant, whether it’s a name that you have heard of or not. Check their reviews and also other places where they had many positive reviews. A good boil would have pictures and menu on the wall. I have seen some places that have all the ingredients for a good boil at home, but at a decent price.

Once you find a boil, the preparation is the same as a regular boil. You cook the crawfish and take it out of the water, then you serve it. You can even serve it with a potato salad, coleslaw or some coleslaw mix, and add a little lemon juice for added zing. The crawfish boils that I have tasted were quite good, but of course, I’ve only tried a few at one time. They did taste a lot like red snapper but were more crunchy and thinner. In my opinion, the best ones are somewhere that you go to in the city and just have crawfish at almost every restaurant.